Ljusvattnet Dragrace BC

Datum 2016-03-13
Plats Ljusvattnets Skoterskrot
Tävlingsform Dragrace
Bantyp Trampad dragracebana på sjö
Banlängd 150 meter
Tävlingsupplägg Fria kval - Elimineringsstege
Anmälda 91 Anmälda för den här tävlingen
Anmälan Anmälan
Arrangör Ljusvattnet
Kontaktperson Marcus Nyström (070-569 88 02)
Förbund SMA
Anmälan 9:00 - 10:00
Besiktning 9:30 - 10:45
Förarmöte 10:45
Första start 11:00
Startavgift 150kr
Engångslicens 200kr
Inträde publik 100 SEK
Övrig information

Lighwater International Ice Ovals 2016 & Burkarcupen

Snopro Scandinavia Finals & Burkarcupen Schedule



12.00 Drivers Check in put up tents etc.

14.00 -16.00 Training session/ Test and Tune

16.00- 18.00 Trackwork , making final touches

18.00-19.00 Showers are available in Ljusvattnet IF dressing rooms 1km from School. Directions: go to the right from school, follow that way up to 4 way crossroad, go strait up to Fotboll field and than to the left there you have Ljusvattnet IF dressing rooms where there is 7 showers.

19.00 Pizzabuffe is served in the old school right by the track .



08.00 to 09.30 Breakfast in same school dining room.

09.00-10.00 Drivers check in, payment, licens and environment declarations.

09.00-10.30 Scrutineering

10.45 Drivers Meeting

11.00 Drivers go master heat one by one and speaker present drivers for the crowd!

When everyone has been presented race will begin.

We go 3 qualifications rounds.

We check track after every hole round. And when we do this Marcus will take the speaker place and intervju 2-3 racers at every break.

After 3 rounds we have a lunch break and put out new heat lists.

Than we go C-Final (All in)

2 best go further to B-Finals

A Finals in every class.

Winner get one lap with checker flag !


Finaly King of the Lake Title ! Winners winner !

Small price ceremony down on ice ! And a bigger one at Racers Dinner and Price Banquet where we have a lot of extra prices during the whole season!

After Race you can go to Ljusvattnet If for Showers and dressing. You can Choose to stay here or go back to school before Dinner. Dinner place is next door to Ljusvattnet IF dressing room.

18.00 The Dinner starts at Lyckostens Festservice (Or in English it means LuckyCheese PartyService)

We will have a "Taxi" for all inclusive guests that will drive you to and home from Racers Dinner.

00.00 The end of the Banquett


Sunny sunday Dragrace


08.00-09.30 Breakfast

09.00-10.00 Drivers check in for Burkarcupen and Lightwater Vintage Lakerace.

09.30-10.45 Scrutineering

10.45 Drivers Meeting.

11.00-13.00 Free qualifications

Lunch 1 hour !

14.00 Elimination starts

After race we have Price Ceremony !!!

Welcome racers and race fans to good guys nationals 2016!!!